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Tips for Customer Experience Automation Success

Tips for Customer Experience Automation Success

In our last post we delved into some of the customer experience automation predictions that our CMO, Pete Wermter, discussed in a recent CCW Digital video interview. We’ll take things a step further in this blog, drilling down deeper into tips for organizations to get CX automation right – and take advantage of the myriad benefits the technology provides. 

With that in mind, below are four important considerations for laying the framework for long-term CX automation success: 

Start with Quick Wins

CX automation has the power to drive massive bottom-line improvements—for example, after turning on the QuandaGo solution, one company experienced a 20% reduction in average handle time and a 10% increase in revenue by offloading manual tasks for agents and enabling them to focus on more value-generating interactions. Yet it’s important to start small and look for relatively simple, repetitive automation opportunities and buildon those successes. This approach helps companies learn more about CX automation and how best to implement it, so that a solid foundational strategy is in place as the technology scales. In addition, starting small can also lead to identifying new automation opportunities in other parts of the business. 

Expand Beyond the Contact Center 

Another important consideration is understanding what customers are trying to achieve. After all, the goal of CX automation is to get customers what they need done faster, and it’s often after the contact center interaction has ended that this action occurs. To succeed, organizations should include stakeholders from key areas of the business in the automation process from the outset. For example, is the back office involved? Are approvals involved? There are often opportunities in these stages of the customer journey to automate tasks and interactions. The more that organizations view CX automation through this multi-step customer journey lens, the more successful their overall automation efforts will be. 

Look to Low-Code Platforms and APIs 

Despite technological advances CX automation remains fairly complex. Companies typically have numerous systems at play which must be combined, and there are also the challenges of unifying data from multiple disparate sources. These are some of the reasons why low-code platforms are key to CX automation success, as they support the openness, flexibility, and APIs necessary for bringing all this information together. 

Identify the Right Partner for your CX Automation Journey

Particularly in the early days, it’s crucial that companies have an experienced resource to lean on as they start on the path to CX automation. This could be an external expert, consultancy group, or a software provider—for example, we work closely with our customers initially to ensure they understand the nuances of automation and are positioned for a successful implementation. Regardless of where companies obtain this guidance, the most important thing is that they use the partnership to build up their own internal automation knowledge.

If you’re interested in learning more about CX automation and what it could do for your business, let’s chat further!


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