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3 Ways to Stand Out from the Competition with Better CX

3 Ways to Stand Out from the Competition with Better CX

If you’re looking for ways to stand out from the competition with a better customer experience, look no further! 

Below we offer 3 ways to get customer service done more quickly, while making a lasting impression on your customers. Take a look and take advantage of the resources provided for each area:

1. Make Better Connections with Customers Using Conversational Analytics

Today’s Conversational Analytics platforms are literally changing the way customers initially engage with companies to get what they need. Natural language interactions, multi-channel solutions and ease-of-use, including new button bots, are making previous solutions and legacy IVRs obsolete. 

What’s different with QuandaGo? You get Conversational Analytics to better identify customers and their intent, connect with your company knowledge base and get a lot of tasks to complete in full self-service. When help is needed, QuandaGo transparently connects customers to a contact center agent with current context and interaction history and further supports them with process automation to resolve the customer interaction.

Check out the work we are doing on Conversational Analytics. We can help you apply AI and automation across today’s most common customer journeys, including, intent recognition, quality management, order processing, product returns, shipment & delivery tracking, case management and compliance management.  

2. Integrate Messaging Apps into Your Omnichannel Contact Center Strategy

We’ve been talking a lot about integrating Messaging Apps into your contact center with our customers lately. This includes WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter Direct Messaging, and Viber. It’s no secret that Messaging Apps are now a required interaction channel for customers. If you need another proof point, Gartner, Inc. predicts that by 2025 (which is not that far away), 80% of customer service organizations will have abandoned native mobile apps in favor of messaging for a better customer experience. Wow!

Whether you already have messaging apps deployed for your customers and agents or if you are just starting to explore them as part of your omnichannel strategy, QuandaGo can help. Last year, we held a 30-minute DEMO webinar on integrating messaging apps into your contact center — you can view the replay here. You can also check out this blog post, which provides further insights on consumer messaging adoption and contact center best practices.

3. Bring More Data Sources Together for Your Agents and Take Better Actions

The variety of data sources that contain customer intelligence continues to go up for all companies. Gone are the days of integrating a single CRM or ERP app into your contact center. CRM, ERP, mobile app data, website data, messaging data, external data, the list goes on. Customer data is everywhere, forcing contact center agents to spend more and more time looking for answers across multiple systems and apps. To overcome this, today’s solutions need to be open and flexible, leveraging APIs to ease integration and offering unified agent desktops that can pull disparate information together to save agents and customers time.

At QuandaGo, we can help you bring data from any source into your contact center, presenting it in unified and informed way to your agents. You can also take the data you have, analyze it, and use it automate answers for agents and assist in after call work. You can learn how to more effectively integrate and take action on customer data in this QuandaGo blog post, and see how our customer DELA does it in this customer Q&A article.


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